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First Class Experience in Jewelry 101: Fabrication + Soldering

I took Jewelry 101: Fabrication + Soldering with Shalena White and Nora McMullen as the teacher assistant. I had never created a piece of jewelry before and I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish! Shalena and Nora were very patient, positive and supportive. I enjoyed my classmates and the environment at Creative Side. I have already signed up for future classes and am really looking forward to them!

Why I Love Creative Side!

"I highly recommend CSJA for learning from the ground up or to further your knowledge of the exciting world of jewelry making. The instructors, owner, and staff are extremely helpful and go out of their way to accommodate all student skills levels and needs. Go for it and you'll never regret it!" -Jacque-

Cloisonné Enameling with Ricky Frank

"This is absolutely one of the best workshops I have experienced! I definitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend any class from Creative Side Jewelry! Thank you so much!" -Debby-

Cloisonné Enameling with Ricky Frank

"Ricky's class was rich and multi-layered. Not only does he talk about enameling, but he also talks about creativity, knowing what your goals & intents are, marketing, professional practices, and many other considerations. It was a pleasure and an honor to study with him!"-Claudia-

Why I Love Creative Side!

"CSJA is an outstanding resource for the jewelry community. I drive 50 minutes one-way just to take their hands-on courses like 101:Findings + Links with Shalena White and Jewelry Business + Production Techniques with Luana Coonen.There are still so many other courses I look forward to taking. Not only does the quality of instruction making attending coursese at CSJA exceptional, but also the friendliness of the staff." -Candice-

Experience in Jewelry Business and Production Techniques with Luana Coonen

"This is a must take class for anyone entering the jewelry trade. I feel that I am now armed with enough information to be successful!"-Clay-

Working with Rita Marie Ross

"I immediately fell in love with this school when I attended Open Studio with Rita Marie Ross. She was so helpful and showed me exactly what I needed to do to create my vision. Rita is such a calming presence and great teacher, I've never felt so comfortable in the studio before. Thanks Creative Side, so glad you are here in Austin!" -Lydia-

Worth the Trip No Matter the Distance!

"I've taken two classes at Creative Side now. Both times I drove more than 2,000 miles round trip to get there. It was worth every mile. Both of my teachers were eminently qualified to teach what they taught and they seemed to know before I did exactly what I needed. I've been supplementing my income with jewelry making for several years now so I already had my "style" but both classes augmented what I was able to do incredibly. Every new technique frees me to do more. It wasn't just the teachers though. The Creative Side staff was there. Every one of the staff would be qualified to teach on their own. When the classes ended I found that the teachers and the staff were still there for me. Anytime I have a question or a problem they're there supporting me via email. They talk about the Creative Side family and they mean it. I'll be back over and over again as often as I can." -Dick S.-

Forged Together and More!

"I recently made my fiance's wedding band through Forged Together at Creative Side Academy! I was so excited to present him with something so beautiful and meaningful! Mike and Courtney helped me through every step and explained what was happening with the metal. They were patient and extremely knowledgeable! I also loved the resin, lost wax casting, and found objects classes that I have taken there over the years! I can't wait to go back and learn more!" -Rebecca-

My Favorite Night of the Week!

"I took the Beginning Jewelry class. If your thinking about taking a class but are unsure about what you'll be doing or if it is going to be worth the money, don't ponder it any longer and just do it! You will busy creating projects and for what you get this class is a bargain at twice the price! This is a great facility with everything you'll need taught by knowledgeable, fun, and creative instructors. It became my favorite night of the week where I could go escape and leave the world behind while I learned and worked on projects. I really liked their approach to teaching by demonstrating a technique and then you practiced it by creating something. If you think your going to be sitting in a classroom your wrong. Most of the time is spent actually making something while your instructor supervises and makes suggestions on how to do it easier, better or faster. This class was one of the best experiences I've had in a long time and the beginning of a craft I have wanted to be a part of for many, many years. Thanks Courtney Gray for all your instruction, patience and caring. I will be back for many more classes!" -Dave-

Schedule Flexibility

"This academy is a great resource for jewelers at any level. I knew nothing about jewelry making and wanted to take a crash-course. The academy was willing to work with my very difficult schedule and created private courses for me at an extremely affordable rate. With help from Courtney and Sage, my jewelry designs came to life! They have an abundance of supplies and knowledge, but most importantly, a very nurturing attitude towards new designers. If you are starting out, I recommend their beginner's courses (or private classes if you have a unusual schedule). If you already know what you're doing, they have studio space for rent for a low monthly fee, and with that you have access to almost all of their tools including soldering and polishing supplies." -Charlotte H.-

Casting with Courtney Gray and the Classroom Setting at Creative Side Jewelry

"The Creative Side jewelry academy offers many jewelry related courses at different levels. I took the casting class with Courtney Gray and its was extremely hands on and informative. She was patient and encouraging and walks each of her students through each step of the process. The classroom setting is laid back and welcoming, they are very open to questions and make the learning experience fun and interesting. I'm definitely going to return for additional classes and would recommend this class to anyone genuinely interested in learning how to make jewelry. Everyone who attended seemed passionate about the craft and had wonderful handmade pieces to take home." -Danni O.-

Personal Development in the Jewelry Making Craft

"I am amazed at Creative Side's full course selection. I'm extremely excited to take all the classes offered, and to round out my knowledge of jewelry making in a short period of time. The open studio sessions are particularly helpful for developing one's craft and vision. And I prefer the once per week, 'blocked-off' scheduling instead of that which is offered at most colleges (2-3 days per week for one hour). It's a lot easier for me to manage." -Tanya S.-

Attending Classes at Creative Side

"I took my first jewelry making class here with Ashleigh Holeman and have since taken several others, such as Jewelry Business Bootcamp with Lisa Crowder and Delft Clay Casting with Jurgen Maerz. All of the teachers I have had there were great, and this gave me a great introduction into jewelry making. They have just relocated in a new facility that is very nice and more spacious than the last one, and this school really gives you lots of opportunities to exposure to different techniques. They also sell a limited amount of supplies there, so you can get yourself set up with the basics at least. The owner, Courtney Grey, is always around and always walks around to see how everyone is doing. This is a great place to start out on your new hobby. They offer a lot of very short term classes that last for a weekend or one evening per week for a month, so it is good for someone who has a day job or a busy schedule." -Valerie N.-

Attending Classes at Creative Side

"I have really enjoyed the classes here at Creative Side! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, patient and inspiring. They took time to help me and answered all my questions and even showed me some new methods and techniques they hadn't planned because I was ready for it. They are all very skilled and gave me helpful suggestions for the next class to sign up for. I love this place!" -Liz-

Working with Shalena White

"Shalena is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable, serious about the craft, supportive, and encouraging. The workshop was a fabulous experience!"

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