Forging Basics 2 with Matt Pohorelsky

Saturday - Sunday, September 23 - 24, 11-5p

This workshop is part of our Metal Works Immersion.

The immersion includes: Forging Basics 1, Forging Basics 2, AND Sculpting with Steel for $795. 

Visit the bundle page or contact us for more info!


Get ready to swing a big hammer and make beautiful, delicate floral forms in this two day intermediate  workshop.  Day one students will learn the basics of leaf and flower making to create embellishments.  Day two will focus on forging round to square as well as bending and shaping of your very own hand forged torq necklace.  If time permits students will use the skills they have learned to create a matching bracelet.  Students will leave with a general knowledge of hammer techniques, heat forging, creating a rat tail, drawing and tapering, as well as a foundation on blacksmithing terminology and techniques. Beginners welcome. ***This class is open to ages 16 and up.


  • Important Dress Code:

    When attending Metal Works classes, you must ALWAYS wear all cotton clothing. Polyester and poly-blend materials (plastic) are unsafe to wear. 

    Shirt tails need to be tucked in.

    Long pants are a necessity. If you show up in shorts, you will not be allowed to complete the course.

    Do not wear torn or frayed clothing. Also, be aware that you'll likely end up with small burn holes in your clothing from this class so dress appropriately.

    Do not wear jewelry of any kind.

    Always wear LEATHER footwear that protects from sparks, falling objects, and embers (canvas, etc will easily ignite and burn). High top work boots are best.

    Sandals or low shoes with no socks are unacceptable forms of footwear.


***IMPORTANT: These classes are held at CREATIVE SIDE METAL WORKS located at 2311 Thornton Road, Studio Q***

Please use street parking, we are found at the back right corner of the complex, look for our sign.




Tuition: $250 + $40 kit fee

Reserve your spot today in one of our many inspiring workshops or classes by calling the Creative Side | Jewelry Academy of Austin 512-799-0731 or feel free to email us with any questions at info@creativeside.org.

We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover. For phone or email registration you must call or email to register before sending a payment.

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