Metal Works Immersion with Matt Pohorelsky

September 9, 2017

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Ready to enter the world of forging? Whether you are completely new to forging and sculpting steel, have done forging in the past and need a refresher, or have taken one of our Basic Blacksmithing classes and just can't get enough heat, the Metal Works Immersion is our most comprehensive blacksmithing bundle yet!

Get all three of our weekend workshops, 38 full hours of class time, for $795 - a discount of $45. The Metal Works Immersion includes:


Forging Basics 1 with Matt PohorelskySaturday - Sunday, September 9-10, 11-5p

Dive in and learn the essentials of blacksmithing during this two day workshop. Day one students learn the basics of drawing and tapering steel by forging decorative hooks. Day two will focus on forging, cutting, and tapering larger stock to create a back plate for the hooks to make a functional rack. Students will leave with a general knowledge of hammer techniques, heat forging, riveting, creating a rat tail, drawing and tapering, as well as a foundation on blacksmithing terminology and techniques.

Forging Basics 2 with Matt PohorelskySaturday - Sunday, September 23 - 24, 11-5p

Get ready to swing a big hammer and make beautiful, delicate floral forms in this two day intermediate  workshop.  Day one students will learn the basics of leaf and flower making to create embellishments.  Day two will focus on forging round to square as well as bending and shaping of your very own hand forged torq necklace.  If time permits students will use the skills they have learned to create a matching bracelet. 

Sculpting with Steel with Paul SeemanSaturday - Sunday, August 5-6, 10-5p or Saturday - Sunday, October 14-15, 10-5p

Your only limit is your imagination! With a focus on Oxy /fuel torch welding this weekend course will introduce you  to the “tack and bend” method of creating metal sculpture. Students will be introduced to metal as a medium for creative expression. Emphasis will be given to conceptual awareness while developing technical and creative skills. Using oxy acetylene welding and brazing, students will be introduced to the safe use of the tools and techniques used to create welded metal sculptures. 


Tuition: 795.00

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