Alchemy of Gold and Jewelry Restoration with Jim Dailing

Monday -Friday, June 18-22, 10-6p

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Alchemy of Gold and Jewelry Restoration
Simple Stone Setting and Street Gemology

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Intermediate to Advanced

Make the leap from silver and unveil the artistry of working in gold. The beginning of this five day workshop will focus on repairing and restoring old jewelry before moving on to recycling and alloying gold. These real-life bench skills are a necessity for the mindful jeweler, and will teach you how to utilize your materials in a more efficient way.

Students should bring in old and/or broken gold jewelry to work on and potentially melt down to make something new. Students can also bring/purchase a pure gold coin to melt down and alloy into different karats and colors.

- learn simple repairs on day one
- alloy multiple colors of gold and karats of gold including yellow, green and red
- palladium, platinum and white gold will be discussed briefly  
- melt and pour ingots
- mill material to create sheet and wire.
- skills for fusing and soldering for each type of gold created
- fabricate a simple band, a tapered tube bezel and a design of your own.

**Purchasing a pure gold coin is much more cost-effective than 24k casting grain, which comes at a premium. Using a shear, Jim will demonstrate the most efficient way to divide up the material. It is recommended that students bring a coin weighing 1/4 ounce to a 1/2 ounce. The more gold you have, the more alloying options and fabricating you'll be able to complete.

Jim suggests the Canadian Maple Leaf or Krugerrand coins, but any pure gold coin will do. Locally, gold coins can be purchased at a number of places including: McBrides, South Austin Coin Exchange, or Austin Rare Coins.

You can learn more about Jim’s work on his website: www.jimdailing.com


Complete the series:

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