Bill Fretz: Bracelets, Bangles and Baubles with Stakes and Hammers with Bill Fretz

Friday-Sunday, Nov 2-4, 10-6p

Intermediate to Advanced

Join us for this special three day workshop and expand your knowledge of how to move and manipulate metal. Bill Fretz revolutionized metal forming with the introduction of his miniature stakes and hammers made specifically for jewelers. These tools allow for raising and planishing to be performed right at the bench.

Bill is designing a brand new project for this class that will teach you to utilize his stakes and hammers in new ways. Students will learn about hammer control and how to create convex and concave forms while exploring different textures that can be applied with hammers and stakes, as well as how to apply those textures to jewelry. On the first day, students will begin with creating bangles with hammer textures, before moving to large fluted bangles and finally to creating large convex beads which can be strung together to make a dramatic necklace. Once the basics are mastered, students will be able to examine ancient techniques with modern applications.

Tuition: $695+ + Kit fee TBD - Payment plans available | Kit fees paid last day of class

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