Casting 101 Mornings with Stephanie George

Mondays and Wednesdays, June 17 - July 10, 10-2p

As one of the oldest techniques in the history of jewelry-making, lost wax casting is still an integral part of metalwork. Learn how to utilize the processes for this technique in your own work and learn the basics of production in jewelry. This beginner series will discuss the basics of casting and allow students to cast with both centrifugal and vacuum machines.
Students will begin right away with carving a signet ring, a standard across many casting curricula, and will quickly move into centrifugal casting in the second week. From there students will learn how to carve a matched pair in wax and will experience casting with a vacuum casting machine. For the final projects students will carve a free form object of their choice and cast with the machine of their choice. Students will leave this class with a comprehensive understanding of the basics of lost-wax casting and finishing. This series is perfect for those wanting to add more organic elements to their work or those who wish to engage in simple production.

Casting grain is not included in tuition. 


Tuition: $495 + $95 Kit Fee

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