Drawing On Metal with Deb Karash

Monday - Friday, November 18-22, 10-6p

All levels

"Drawings are not just for the wall anymore." - Deb Karash

Who doesn’t want to add a little color to their jewelry, or maybe custom patterns and images? This class focuses on a technique for drawing on metal with colored pencils. Students design their own or use a premade simple pattern to get started. In this 5 day class, students will complete at least one pin/pendant and several sample pieces and have the ability to back their work on sterling silver. Students will work on design, fabrication, and finishing as well.

Learn to add color and excitement to your work. Students will learn about:

  • -Preparing your metal and the surface for effective drawing with colored pencils
  • -Color, pattern,and texture will be discussed
  • -Blending colors and creating patterns that are unique
  • -How to seal the colored pencil
  • -Instruction on how to incorporate this technique into pendants, pins, and earrings including backing on sterling silver sheet

About Deb Karash:

My work is fueled by a fascination with detail, pattern, and surface; lichen on trees, flaking paint on rusty old metal, the texture and pattern in vintage fabrics, and architectural details just to name a few.  I travel whenever possible because each place has it’s own way of inspiring me, whether it’s the people, the architecture, or natural surroundings.

Drawing on metal provides a surface that is unique and can’t be achieved any other way.  Colored pencil drawing allows me to blend colors and create patterns that are uniquely mine. I draw on metal because it is strong but easily formed.  I create jewelry because I appreciate the intimacy of an art form that is worn on the body and that, historically, carries emotional weight.  Jewelry combines so many components that I love: fashion, ornament, art, texture, color, and structure.


Tuition: $995 + $135 Materials and Lab Fee | Fee paid last day of class | Payment plans available

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