Instructor: Steve Kriechbaum


“My jewelry pieces encompass both traditional and contemporary elements. I work with the natural beauty of the human form, and place emphasis on wear-ability. My objective is to create jewelry that is versatile in design, and will span the test of time.”


Award winning goldsmith Steve Kriechbaum has been creating custom fine jewelry for over 40 years. His life as a craftsman began in the fine arts department at the University of Texas, in El Paso. There, his time was spent in the studio focused on sculpture, an aesthetic that is still reflected in much of his work today.

Steve is a master craftsman and is skilled in all types of stone setting including prong, bright cut bead, pave and tension. Steve markets his work through his studio, juried fine art shows and his website.

Previous Classes: 301 Goldsmithing, 301 Tension Set Ring, Advanced Wax Working, Apprenticeship Week, Flush Setting, Funky Stone Setting, The Art of Inlay, Wax Wire Working for Gemstone Setting, Working with Gravers



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