Creative Side Metal Works is a branch of Creative Side Jewelry Academy in Austin, TX, teaching classes for students of all levels in the art of metal sculpture. We offer classes such as blacksmithing, metal casting, and sculpting with steel. There are classes fit for beginners and those wanting to refine their skills. 
As of April 1st, Metalworks has found a new home only minutes from Wimberley, Texas. Located on fifty acres of pristine Texas hill country, our fully equipped workshop and homey accommodations will let you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to fully immerse yourself in metalsmithing. We are proud to be partnering with Flite Acres Foundry, and they are excited to be hosting these one of a kind retreats on their beautiful land surrounded by hills, giant oak trees, and only a short walk away from the river. Come get away from it all and unplug, unwind, play with fire, and create. Please email for inquiries. Class dates coming soon!

Important Dress Code for Metal Works classes:

When attending Metal Works classes, you must ALWAYS wear all cotton clothing. Polyester and poly-blend materials (plastic) are unsafe to wear. 

Shirt tails need to be tucked in.

Long pants are a necessity. If you show up in shorts, you will not be allowed to complete the course.

Do not wear torn or frayed clothing. Also, be aware that small burn holes are very likely to occur during this class.

Do not wear jewelry of any kind.

Always wear footwear that protects from sparks, falling objects, and embers. Leather foorwear is best. High top work boots are best.

Sandals or low shoes with no socks are unacceptable forms of dress.


Just getting started and wondering where to begin? Click here or call us at  512-799-0731

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